Vacuum excavation

TWC Earthmoving have a wide varitey of equipment and experience to tackle projects from large council works to contractors and home owners looking for a safer excavation option.

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Safe Digging

Quick & Easy

When you need people that work safely around pipes, roots, lines and other delicate underground infrastructure you simply call our Vac Truck team and stress a little less.  Book in a Vac Truck today.

We only use the best equipment

Got tight, intricate and specialist jobs? We have the runs on the board and the equipment to boot. 

TCW offers customers a dedicated Vacuum Excavation solution. Pipes, cables, roots and any other subterranean obstruction is not a problem for the TCW.

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum excavation breaks up the ground using high pressure water sprayers this is then sucked up into our vacuum truck tanks and disposed of safely later. Our vacuum trucks can safely excavate ground next to and through almost all underground services, utilities, natural obstacles like tree roots, cables and piping. 

There is no safer way to quickly excavate ground from around underground services. With long hoses our trucks can be places away from anything above ground that needs to continue operation.

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