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Hydro Vacuum Excavation Hire

Vacuum Truck Hire for your Non Destructive Excavation needs.

Are you digging in ground populated with services like Telstra, Water, Gas, NBN or Foxtel?

TCW Earthmoving provides a better way of reducing the risk of damage to underground services using our specialised Hydro Excavation.

We use a high pressure water jet to break up the ground, and turn it to a slurry which we vacuum up and take away. 

We supply Vacuum trucks from 3,000 litre to 7,500 litre and supply Jetting and drain cleaning services too. 

Vacuum Excavation is safe and efficient.

Non-destructive digging, vacuum excavation, or hydro excavation makes use of a high-pressure water jet to safely excavate soil, dirt, and sand that is found around underground utilities. It is especially useful when you are wanting to remove soil or dirt around underground utilities or other sensitive objects where using a normal excavator will just not do the job.

Some examples of areas where you might want to use our hire truck:

  • Digging around Pipes and Services
  • Tree Roots
  • Pot Holing

As with any excavation work, always ensure that Dial Before You Dig has been consulted, prior to opening the ground, to ensure that we know what’s down there.

Call Willy on 0418 741 804 to discuss your needs.

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