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Site Inspection and Quoting

While we are more than happy to inspect a site and give some guidance, the reality is that we cannot provide a quote, outside of an hourly rate. The nature of this Business is that we don't know what's under the ground until we find it. We find rock, unknown services, even an old World War 2 bomb shelter on one occasion!

Please don't call us in to tap us for information then use someone else because they are a few dollars cheaper. We are the best, we will do the job faster; we will ultimately cost you less, because we take less time, every time.

Dial before you dig

It is essential to use this service prior to us opening ground in the street or on the footpath outside your property. We will not dig outside your property if you haven’t called them. Call 1100.

Fire Ants

All of our Support Staff have been trained by the D.P.I. in the detection and monitoring of Fire Ants, and will inspect sites and communicate relevant issues including movement controls of waste if they occur. No inspection certificate is required.

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